Friday, September 6, 2013

Camping in Colorful Colorado...

When you live in as beautiful a state as we do, you would feel guilty if you didn't take advantage of mother nature and enjoy it. We enjoy going camping and honestly don't get to do it enough, but when we are able to go we have a wonderful time. Fishing, hiking, jeeping, atving, a little relaxing mixed in, marshmallow roasting, and lots of eating...lots. It is my opinion that food always tastes better when you are camping. 

Camping is even better when you are with the ones you love and making memories. On this camping trip with Kyle's side of the family we went to this small pond to go fishing and we caught so many fish. The little boys were the ones that we catching everything. The joy on their sweet, dirt covered faces was priceless each time they reeled in another fish. I know how much I enjoyed camping when I was younger so seeing my boys have fun too brings back fond childhood memories and lets me know that my boys are making memories of their own!

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