Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kaden's 5th Birthday Picnic Party

Each year when June starts to roll around I start thinking about birthday party plans for both of my boys {Kaden's birthday is in July and Kaleb's shortly after in early October}. Each year I think about doing something unique but still fun for my boys and all their little party guests. I remembered to last summer and the great memories we made spending hours playing in the creeks downstream from Helen Hunt Falls. From these great moments we created together, I decided that would be the perfect birthday party idea for Kaden's 5th birthday. We had a great picnic party by the creek shared with family and friends. It was evening full of smiles, giggles, treasure hunt hiking, wet feet, exploring eyes, curious minds, and lots of insect discoveries. 

He had such a great time with all his friends at his party!

My gorgeous sister. She is such a great aunt!

Creek explorers


Going on a treasure hunt!

X marks the spot!

They found it:)

We even saw animals on the treasure hunt hike

"Shhhhh be quiet there is a baby bunny!"

Kaden got a little wet...good think Papa was there to keep him warm

Can't believe my sweet baby boy is already 5. What
a blessing he is in my life and so many other's lives!