Wednesday, July 2, 2014

{Celebrating 60 Years of Love}

June 13th marked 60 years of marriage for Kyle's grandparents. On June 14th Kyle's mom, dad, and uncle put on a beautiful anniversary party so friends and family could gather together to celebrate this  lovely couple. It was great to see friends from their past, church friends, and everybody important to them all be there to honor Ron and Janet and their 60 years with one amazing testament to love!

This cake is a replica of their original wedding cake.

All 4 of their great grand boys. 

My sister-in-law Kristen created a gorgeous slideshow 
of pictures throughout Grandma and Grandpa's marriage.

Grandpa loves to take pictures!

Then my father-in-law MC'd a show called "The Not So Newlywed Show" was pretty hilarious! It  highlighted a lot of fun pictures from years gone by in Grandma and Grandpa's marriage. 

"What could this be? The first issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition?"

"Is he or isn't he wearing a swimsuit?"

"And they lived happily ever after..."

It was a perfect night and Ron and Janet were surrounded by so many amazing people. I hope that the celebration made them feel very loved because they truly are! I hope that in 54 years Kyle and I will be doing the same and celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary.

Friday, June 27, 2014

{Cowboys in Training}

As a pilot Kyle meets a lot of interesting people with a lot of different interests. He flies with new captains all of the time. Some captains fly all over the world, some own income properties, some have 8 children and their wives homeschool. I learn a lot about the captains he flies with on his days home from work. One of Kyle's captain friends Brandon, that I heard a lot about, has horses and offered to have us over for dinner and ride out in Parker, CO. This was my boys' first horse experience and they just loved it...natural cowboys!

{Click pictures to enlarge}

The captain's wife Diane is a barrel racer and did a great job instructing the boys. 


You can bet after this experience we started to hear the heartfelt pleas from our boys about getting a horse. Well, that will definitely have to wait for awhile. Maybe after college when we can afford it along with a 10 acre or more ranch :) One can dream...right?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

{Road Trippin' It}

The boys and I kicked off our Summer on a road trip with my mom and sister. Our first destination was to see my aunt and her family in Oklahoma. We only stopped to see her for a night on our way to Texas and then on the way back home for a night, but even though our time together was short it sure was nice to spend time with them. Kaleb and Kaden loved getting to play and be silly with their cousin Diane. It reminded me of all the fun I had with Diane's mom, my cousin Marie, when we were their age. 

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After a night in Lawton, Oklahoma our journey continued to Kyle's Uncle Robert's lake house in New Braunfels, Texas. Kyle met us there for a few days and those few days we were there were a blast. We swam, went on the boat, fished, shopped, ate...alot, went knee boarding, and just relaxed. We even took the boys to their first real water park Schlitterbahn.  The day after the water park we went to Sea World San Antonio and stayed the night in San Antonio spending the evening hanging out on the river walk and eating some great Tex Mex. We all had the best time! Spending time with family is always a good thing and Kyle's Uncle Robert and Aunt Oxana were so generous to  open their beautiful home to us. We even got to hang out with Kyle's parents for a couple days while they were visiting the lake house too.

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The end of our trip brought us to Uvalde, Texas to visits my grandparents on my Dad's side. Sadly Kyle had to leave us for this part of the trip :( My Grandma is currently in a nursing home because she broke her hip and had to go through a hip replacement. Then right after her hip replacement surgery she broke her ankle. She has been going through a lot but is determined to be back home soon. My Grandpa has been by her side, taking care of her and visiting her every day. He is such a good guy! Our days there were full of story telling, picture viewing, and exploring my Grandpa's amazing yard. I think the boys favorite part were the hummingbird feeders and all the hummingbirds we saw. My Grandma told us stories of when she was a young girl living in Canada and how later she met my Grandpa. I had never heard that story before.  I cherished those conversations and enjoyed looking at pictures of my dad when he was a baby and how beautiful my Grandma looked. I just loved the fashion back then. It was also really neat to see a different side of my Grandpa in his navy uniform posing with his buddies. 

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We had such fun on our trip and even though some days were hard because the boys got restless in the car, I still like taking a road trip every once in awhile. We get so spoiled flying on planes and trips on the road give you that extra time to just talk and spend time together. I loved my time with my mom, sister, and my boys spent in our rental {had to rent a car big enough to fit us all}. I feel so blessed to have so many people in my life that love me and all my boys {big & little} so much!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

{Our Spring in Review}

Life is one big, busy, and crazy adventure. These last months since I have posted our family has been doing really well and enjoying the blessings God has given us. Yesterday I thought to myself, "I sure do miss blogging and sharing with friends and family how we have been doing!" So here I am back in the blogging world with every intention of keeping it up to date from now on. Like I said before though life is busy and crazy so we shall see how it goes. I will hopefully at least post once a week from now on! 

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Since I don't want to backtrack all the way to November, which is when I last posted, I thought I would start with our Spring in review. Easter as always a huge celebration for us, celebrating Jesus. As the boys get older I enjoy teaching them the true and deeper meanings of religious holidays and love to see how it impacts there precious, compassionate souls. I love hearing them talk about Easter and how Jesus died for us and rose is such a beautiful story to hear coming out of sweet boy voices. God has blessed us so to be able to spend holidays surrounded by the ones we love and as you can see from these pictures, the boys get to spend fun times with their cousins making wonderful memories like I did when I was their age with my cousins.

{Click on picture to enlarge it}

This Spring Kaleb was involved in a FUNd Run that his school put on as a fundraiser. Thanks to our awesome family Kaleb was able to raise over $100.00 to donate to his school. This event was so cool because it promoted health and self esteem by getting kids ready for the run and helping them to  feel confident they could do it. Each kid was given a t-shirt and the teachers even gave their classes team names. Kaleb's teacher Mrs. Wooldridge called her class the Wooldridge Rockstars and they all wore sunglasses. All the kids had a blast and the school raised over $12,000.00.

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Both Kaleb & Kaden did very well in school this year. Kaden is rearing and ready to go for his kindergarten year, which he will start this Fall. I am emotional about this subject and my thoughts about it are bittersweet. I will miss my baby boy, but at the same time I know he will have so much fun and will like being at the same school with his big brother. Kaleb is my smarty pants, loves to talk your ear off, and ask a lot of questions these days. My Kaleb is a very curious lad! He is reading very well and is excited to start his next journey in school going into first grade. The end of the school year brought field day activities for both and an award assembly for Kaleb in which he achieved his 3rd gold card of the year. We were so blessed this year that the boys had such amazing, caring teachers. Sunrise where Kaleb went this year and where they both will go next year is such a great elementary school to be part of. I just love the community and have really enjoyed being on PTO this year. I am really looking forward to next year when I can get even more involved since both boys will be at the same school.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

{Skate to Celebrate}

I can't believe Kaleb turned 6 in October and it is already almost December and he is already almost 6 years and 2 months. Time flies without even realizing it passed and then you look back and say phew! Did that really just happen??? My boy is no longer a baby…he is a handsome young man, smart, kind, compassionate, creative, athletic, and independent. 

Allowing him to exercise his independence I let him pick what he wanted to do for his birthday party this year and he picked a skate party. Any type of party is an opportunity for me to use my creativity so I was all about a skate party {I also let him choose what he wanted to do for his party this year because I already know what I am doing for his birthday next year (pumpkin patch) and the year after (his golden birthday) of course only if he is ok with these party ideas ;)}. 


Glow sticks, # 6's with wheels, and fun bright colors…perfect party atmosphere:)

Kaleb's little friends received a party favor bag with lots 
of fun goodies in it that said, "I am wheelie glad you came."

We ate, skated, and celebrated! 

This year Kaleb was so excited because he invited a bunch of friends from school. You should have seen the look on his face when they showed up for his party. He was the happiest boy in the world. As always our amazing family was there celebrating alongside with us. Thank heavens for tvs in the cafe area though because it was Sunday and if you know my family it is flooded with Bronco fans and me being unaware of game time that Sunday I planned Kaleb's party smack dab in the middle of the game. You know you are really important when your family will skip a Bronco game to go to a party. 


Simplicity was key for me this year and I went for 
a simple brownie cookie cake. It was a hit!

My handsome birthday boy! He was patiently waiting to 
have his Daddy light the candles so we could sing to him:)

He was so excited about all the gifts he received!

They had these cool rolling skate aid things that a lot of the kids used. 
It helped them feel more confident about skating for sure!

Check out the boys' shirts…That how I roll! Made special by my amazing sister!!!

We had so much fun skating around with our family and friends and jamming to tunes like the YMCA, and Pump Up the Jam. It brought back memories of Friday nights spent with my friends at the skating rink and even more so memories of my Grandma Laura talking about her roller skating days as a young girl. It is funny how an activity can evoke so many wonderful memories. We definitely need to go skating more often because not only is it so much fun, but it is a great workout too!

Surrounded by lots of great family and friends