Monday, January 5, 2015

The stuff childhood is made of...

One of my fondest memories as a child were my annual fall class field trips to the Venetucci Pumpkin Farm. I remember feeling so excited to pick out my very own plump, orange pumpkin. I would bring it home to my mom eager to clean and carve it. 

Now I get to see my boys as they make those same trips to the pumpkin patch with their classes. Last year Kaleb got to go with his kindergarten class and now this year it was Kaden's turn with his kindergarten class. Kyle and I tagged along on Kaden's trip to enjoy the experience with him. 

I love the innocence of children and how they can all be friends. 

Inspection time. He had to pick out the perfect one!

Such a cutie:)

The farm's tradition is that after the kiddos pick out their pumpkin, they have to 
carry it out. Kaden was struggling to carry his with his tiny 40 pound frame.

Kaden's class also got to visit with the farm animals. 

The field trip isn't just a outing to pick out a pumpkin, but also a learning experience as well.
The kids got to learn about composting and about different varieties of pumpkins among other things. 

They also got to dig for worms!

I know Kaden and his classmates had a great day at the pumpkin farm and I know, like me, 
Kaden will remember these moments when he is my age telling his children about his childhood 
memories. Pumpkin patch visits are just one of many things that a great childhood is made of.  

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