Saturday, January 3, 2015

{Are you ready for some FOOOOTBAAAALLL...& Soccer!}

This past fall I asked the boys which sports they wanted to play. Kaleb said flag football and Kaden said soccer. After I signed the boys up I got a call asking about volunteering to coach for Kaden's team because they were still looking for a coach. When it comes to cute 4 & 5 year olds kicking a ball around a huge field my heart is mush and I had to help. 
The season turned out to be a ball! Kaleb had a wonderful first experience playing flag football. He got to run the ball a few times and even got his first touchdown. It was so exciting to watch. Kaleb is really fast and I loved watching all of his various expressions  & faces as he played. So full of emotion!
I really enjoyed coaching Kaden and all the other tiny players on our team. Watching them improve over the season was so rewarding. Kaden loves playing soccer and is already talking about playing it again in the spring. He can really handle the ball well and is an awesome team player.

I look forward to future sports seasons watching the boys grow in confidence and build friendships at the same time. It will be extra fun next fall when the boys can play on the same team again...if they want to of course!

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