Monday, March 11, 2013

How we roll in the snow...

Spring in Colorado is more like Winter. We always get our biggest snow falls when Springtime is beckoning at our doors. The past few weeks we have been hit with snow storm after snow storm and the biggest snowfall I have seen in a long time on our side of town, which I lovingly call "the banana belt." We rarely get weather, except for wind. On a recent storm the schools closed, we got 8 to 10 inches of snow, and the sun came out...soooo whatcha gonna do...stay inside on a sunny day cuddled up by the fire and watch movies? NOPE! Not us!! We went out and played in the snow literally for hours. We made an igloo, had snowball fights, and the best part of all we went "redneck" sledding. 

Our neigbor who also has an ATV (believe me it is like an epidemic on our neighbor got an ATV, then Kyle had to have one, then our other neighbor got one lol) invited us to strap ourselves onto his tube and do some ATV sledding. It was so much fun!!! The boys were in heaven with the combination of sledding and four wheeling...they thought it was the coolest thing ever. Even me, myself, and I got on the tube and hung on for dear life dogging neighborhood cars and wiping snow mist off my face all the while having a grand time.

I think this is something we will most definitely do again (actually we have several times up at Kyle's parent's house) and something that the boys will remember forever and want to do again someday when they have kids of their own. I love making memories like this!

4 snowy boots and 20 little fingers hanging on tight

Snow everywhere, rosy cheeks and noses!

Crunchy, fluffy, fresh snow...trudging through inches of it

It was an awesome day!

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