Sunday, November 4, 2012

5 years...

In October we celebrated 5 wonderful years of my compassionate kid Kaleb Daniel being on this Earth. I still can't believe how fast 5 years has flown by! The little man he has grown into amazes me. He wakes up each morning, climbs into bed with me and says, "Wake up mommy the Sun is up!" Therefore he is literally and figuratively the reason I wake up each morning. The amount in which I love him could never be explained effectively enough. I sometimes tell him as I am tucking him into bed at night that I love him to Jupiter and back, or Saturn and back, but that still doesn't explain it enough. It never will because I love him more each day. He is learning and growing so much that I find out something new about him each day too! What a blessing our Kaleb has been in our lives and continues to be!

Since Kaleb is such a special kid, he deserved a special day! We started the day with presents, balloons, singing, and chocolate chip pancakes...mmmm!

The happy birthday boy!

After breakfast Kaleb got a special birthday message from Santa and of course, like his brother did on his birthday, he watched the message from Santa over and over and over again.

The rest of our day consisted of making a big deal of Kaleb turning the big 5, going to lunch, and then seeing Hotel Transylvania. Kaleb is like me...he loves going to the movies! While there, of course we filled up on popcorn and sugary treats because that is what you do when you go to the movies, right?

In the evening we met some family at Itz and celebrated again with pizza and play. My boys are so blessed to be surrounded by cousins their same age. It is fun to watch them all grow up together and they always have so much fun together! 

It wasn't just the kids who had fun playing games. The adults had an awesome time too. Places like this always make the kid in you come out.

Boys just want to have fun too!

Kody having fun on the cars!

My nephew Jackson's first carousel ride

Look how he has grown!


Britt said...

Thank you for posting this. It makes a great start to my day, seeing photos of your kids! I'm glad Kaleb had a great birthday. You will have to share with me how you make the photo collages too.

The Robinson's said...

Thanks Britt! I am glad it started your day off right:) I will def show you how to make the collages!